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  • Doubt Begins to Swirl Around N. Korean Sony Hack

    The Takeaway

    The FBI say that North Korea is behind the Sony hack, but the country hasn't claimed responsibility. Wired's Kim Zetter has looked at the cyber trail. She says that it's a dead end.

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  • Governor Cuomo: 'Let's Bring The Temperature Down'

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responds to this weekend's fatal shooting of two NYPD officers in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.

  • Forget The Land of Misfit Toys, This Is The Land of Lost Luggage

    The Takeaway

    Where does forgotten luggage go? To the one and only Unclaimed Baggage Center. The store gets 7,000 new items from planes, trains, and buses around the country for resale each day.




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  • Police Union Blames Mayor, Protesters For Ambush Of Two NYPD Officers

    Morning Edition

    Details continue to emerge about the gunman who killed two New York City police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday. Investigators are trying to determine what drove Ismaaiyl Brinsely to those acts.

  • Man Who Killed Officers Told Passersby: 'Watch What I Am Going To Do'

    Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who shot two NYPD patrolmen, spoke to people on the street just before the shooting took place, according to a police official.

  • In the Shadow Of ISIS, The Taliban Moves Into 2015

    The Takeaway

    After operating in the shadow of ISIS for much of 2014, the Taliban is leaving a haunting reminder that it's presence is still strong.

  • Celebrating Hanukkah In A Palestinian City

    All Things Considered

    American Jewish college student Amelia Wolf spent Hanukkah last year in Ramallah. As the holiday approached, she was lonely — until her Palestinian hosts got wind of how she was feeling.

  • Cardinal Showcases Support for NYPD at Sunday Mass

    Dolan singled out the NYPD's leadership from the pulpit and expressed solidarity with the police.

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  • Cat Fancy: Farewell, My Friend

    On The Media

    This month the magazine world lost another one of its giants. Cat Fancy Magazine announced that it's ending in early 2015, after 50 years on newsstands and in cat lovers' hearts. 

  • On Letterman, Colbert, and America

    On The Media

    Thursday, December 18th, marked the final episode of the Colbert Report, and the end of Stephen Colbert's fake pundit character. Brooke and Bob bid them both farewell. 

  • Your Morals Depend on Lanugage

    On The Media

    Would you sacrifice one person to save the lives of five others? Your answer may depend on whether you consider the problem in your native tongue or a secondary one.

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