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  • School Dress Codes Are Cracking Down—Especially on Girls

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    No tank tops. No mini-skirts. A new dress code at Tottenville High School on Staten Island has inspired a backlash from students, especially girls, who've received 90% of the detentions.

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  • Do the Best Colleges Produce the Worst Students?

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    As a professor at Yale, William Deresiewicz noticed that his students seemed to be adrift when it came to knowing how to think critically and creatively. And isn't that the whole point?

  • Meet Your Local MacArthur Geniuses

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    A domestic workers advocate, a playwright, and an IBM researcher -- we speak with the NYC areas newly minted (and richer!) MacArthur winners.



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  • Workers at JFK Airport Go On One-Day Strike

    Baggage handlers, skycaps, and wheelchair attendants are protesting what they say is harassment and anti-union intimidation by their employer, Alstate Maintenance. 

  • Hate Crimes Up Heading Into Jewish High Holy Days

    With continued unrest in the Middle East, the NYPD is beefing up security in advance of the Jewish High Holy Days and the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

  • Virus Hitting Kids Hard Nationally Comes to NYC, NJ

    More cases are probably on their way — or already here — but the virus is mainly a concern for people with chronic respiratory conditions.

  • De Blasio Administration to Audit Verizon

    Months after a June 30h deadline, New Yorkers are still waiting on Verizon services.

  • Real Estate Investing for the Rest of Us

    A new fund offers the chance for more people to profit from New York City’s soaring real estate market. But you'll still need sizable savings to take part.

Arts and Culture

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  • Meet the First Family...of Podcasting

    Death, Sex & Money

    Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack are the podcasting world's definitive power couple, but they couldn't have come from more different backgrounds. This is their origin story.

  • Lucinda Franks on Life, Love and her Marriage to Robert Morgenthau

    The Leonard Lopate Show

    She was 26 when she interviewed the53-year-old  Manhattan District Attorney in 1973. She admired his high forehead and he couldn't stop thinking about her hippie poncho.

  • A Digital Terarrium For Your Desktop

    Studio 360

    This graphic artist's self-contained animations are the digital equivalent of a snow globe. 

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  • Swanky Midtown Pool Plays Underwater Classical Music

    Swimmers who prefer Brahms with their backstroke may have a new place to take a dip in Midtown Manhattan: the 25th-floor pool of the new Park Hyatt New York.

Technology & Media

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  • Attention: Your Podcasts Are Still In Danger

    On The Media

    Personal Audio, the company that holds the "podcasting patent," is awarded $1.3 million against CBS

  • The Neuroscience of Why You Can’t Finish a Novel Anymore

    New Tech City

    How should you read? Paper or screen? Your brain wants to choose one. Switching back and forth may not be effective. That is, unless you can develop your 'bi-literate' brain. 

  • Actor Dan Stevens of 'Downton Abbey' Takes on the Big Screen

    The Takeaway

    Dan Stevens is perhaps best known as Matthew Crawley on "Downton Abbey." But Stevens is also a busy film actor, with four movies hitting theaters in the next four months.

Music for your day

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  • Song Premiere: Buck 65, 'She Fades'


    The two-time Juno Award-winning Nova Scotian rapper returns with his most personal work yet, Neverlove, an album that documents his own divorce. Hear his latest single, "She Fades."

  • Video: Shara Worden's Mystical Detroit Home and Garden

    For this episode of Q2 Spaces: Season Two, we visit the Detroit home, studio and garden of composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond).

  • Camera Obscura: Brutal Honesty Through Soothing Love Songs


    This Scottish band's most recent album features cutting lyrics paired with soothing melodies. Hear Camera Obscura perform songs from their album, Desire Lines, in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Sarah Jaffe: From Folk Songwriter To Adventurous Electro-Pop Artist


    Once an acoustic singer-songwriter, Sarah Jaffe's Don't Disconnect demonstrates a sonic transition to lush electro-pop artist. Hear her perform in the Soundcheck studio.

  • Watch: Helado Negro, Live On Soundcheck


    The experimental electronic artist's fourth full-length album, Double Youth, explores childhood memories and the concept of rediscovering youth. 

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